Monday, June 6, 2016

EF2000iST Twin Tech Cable Kit

The EF2000iST Twin Tech Cable Kit connects two EF2000iST generators to provide a rated 3000 watts and 25 amps of clean power. The EF2000iST inverter generator parallel connection kit is a fast, easy connection.  Sometimes it is easier to transport/move two EF2000iST units then a single heavier 3000 watt unit; especially on rough uneven ground. 

CSA approved. (not compatible with EF2000iS)

Compatible with EF2000iST (blue ) & EF2000iSTC (camo) models.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SMAX Tunnel Bag Luggage

The SMAX Tunnel Bag is an easy reachable storage solution that's a must have for any scooter rider. Comes in two sizes 16L or 24L.  Sits securely at the front of the seat within easy reach of the rider.

  • Made from ultra durable 1680D water resistant nylon
  • Coated with PVC, and UV protection
  • Enough capacity to store a helmet and other items
  • Top loading compartment
  • Two convenient side pockets
  • Inner pockets
  • Easily attaches to the floorboard of your scooter using Velcro®, and straps
  • Convenient carrying handle, and a shoulder strap
  • Rain cover
  • Reflective piping for increased visibility

SMAX Tunnel Bag 16L
SMAX Tunnel Bag 24L

Thursday, May 26, 2016

XSR900 Frame Sliders

XSR900 Frame Sliders are designed to help protect frame and bodywork in the event of an accidental tip over. Sturdy construction, and sleek slim line design features an aluminum mount and black slider that actually adds a stylish element to the engine when installed. Much more modern than the traditional round sliders. Bolts to upper engine mounts. Sold in pairs.

2014~2016 FZ-09
2015~2016 FJ-09
2016 XSR900

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

XSR900 Passenger Seat Cowl

The XSR900 Passenger Seat Cowl gives a streamlined "Café Racer" rear end to your motorcycle completing the racer look. Includes a backrest pad. Made of aluminum with custom graphics and XSR900 logo. 

 XSR900 Passenger Seat Cowl Grey
 XSR900 Passenger Seat Cowl Yellow

Sunday, April 24, 2016

FZ-09 Radiator Guard

The FZ-09 Radiator Guard provides added protection from rocks and other road debris. Also adds a custom touch to the overall look of the radiator and front end. Constructed of stainless steel mesh with custom FZ-09 logo.

FZ-09 Radiator Guard Black
FZ-09 Radiator Guard Silver

Fits:  2014~2016 FZ-09

Thursday, April 21, 2016

V Star 950 Passing Lamps

V Star 950 Passing Lamps with H3 halogen lamps include on/off switch and wire harness. The passing lamp mounts are die-cast, polished, and chrome-plated to complement the style of the bike. Handlebar mounted on/off switch included. A modern look for a classic accessory.  Install instructions included.  Dealer installation recommended.

2009~2016 V-Star 950
2009~2016 V-Star 950 Tourer

Monday, April 18, 2016

FZ-07 DC Outlet Plug and USB connection

The FZ-07 DC Outlet Plug charges your electronic equipment such as mobile phone or MP3 player. Max. load 1 Amp (as shown on the included warning sticker). Includes an inline fuse to avoid damage to your FZ-07 in case of a short circuit. Install instructions included.

2015~2016 FZ-07
2016 XSR900

For USB connection an optional motorcycle USB Adaptor is available, sold separately.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

FZ1 LED Turn Signals

Bright, safe and sharp looking FZ1 LED turn signals are designed specifically for your Yamaha. There are 9 LED's per blinker.  Can be used on front, but will lose running light function. Flashes to European specifications with faster flash.  All mounting hardware is included with brackets, tie-wraps and connectors.  Sold in pairs.  Easy install. 

FZ1 LED turn signals Black
FZ1 LED turn signals Carbon Fibre

Fits 2001~2015 FZ1

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FZ-07 Saddlebag Luggage, mounts and Rear Signal Relocation

FZ-07 Saddlebag Luggage SHAD SH36 Side Cases
Highly aerodynamic design with maximum storage capacity, and a highly unique 3P mounting system.  Lightweight polycarbonate.  Quick-release for easy removal.  Lockable, with extra key cylinder.  Reflective panels for added visibility.  Incorporated carrying handle for easy portability.  Easy to use "Press Down" locking system.  Capacity for two full-face modular double extra large helmets (one per case).  Inner lip to help prevent items from dropping when opening case.  Inner strapping system secures items.  Optional SHAD SH36 side case soft inner bag, sold separately.  Maximum load limit of 10kg.  Side Case Mounts required, sold separately.

FZ-07 SHAD Side Case Mounts
Required to install the SHAD® Side Cases, sold separately. Includes relocation bracket hardware for rear signal lights to work with bags.  Installation instructions included.

2015~2016 FZ-07

2016 FZ-07 with SHAD Side Cases
2016 FZ-07 with SHAD Side Cases right

Monday, February 8, 2016

FJR1300 DC Outlet Plug

FJR1300 DC Outlet Plug is an extra outlet suitable to charge your electronic equipment such as mobile phone or MP3 player. Maximum load: 3A. Mounting hardware included.  Requires installation.

May be used with Multi-Function Power Supply Jump Starter Kit

Fits:  2006~2015 FJR1300

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

YS828 Carburetor Assembly

The YS828 Carburetor Assembly is sold as a single part and includes all the parts in the carburetor including bowl, carbuetor and gasket, etc.  Items# 2 - 14 are all included as part of the YS828 Carburetor Assembly.

Fits YS828T tracks and YS828W wheels.

Visit all our YS828 posts for scraper blades, friction wheels, skids, fuel cock assy and belts.  Shop online for YS828 snowblower parts.  Visit our Power Products page for common in-stock snowblower parts available.

Monday, January 25, 2016

YS624 Carburetor Assembly

The YS624 Carburetor Assembly is sold as a single part and includes all the parts in the carburetor including bowl, carbuetor and gasket, etc.  Items# 2 - 14 are all included as part of the YS624 Carburetor Assembly.

Fits YS624T and YS624W.

Visit all our YS624 posts for scraper blades, friction wheels, skids, fuel cock assy and belts.  Shop online for YS624 snowblower parts.  Visit our Power Products page for common in-stock snowblower parts available.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yamaha Generator Parts

Shop online, Yamaha Generator parts are now added to our Yamaha genuine generator parts microfiche pages. Yamaha Genuine Parts for EF1000, EF2000i, EF3000iSEB, EF6600DEX, EDL6500 and more.  Generator parts include: 

Electrical plugs
Automatic chokes
Control panels
Breaker Fuse
TCI coils

EF600 parts diagrams
EF1000 parts diagrams
EF2000i parts diagrams
EF3000iSEB parts diagrams
EF6600DEX parts diagrams
EDL6500 parts diagrams

Thursday, November 26, 2015

FX Nytro Snowmobile Cover

The FX Nytro Snowmobile Cover is a 300D polyester cover with integrated undercover protector. Features UV resistant, water-repelling coating with a waterproof undercoating. Patented "V-Loc" system means no reaching under the machine. Fits with front sport grab bar and flotation skid plates.
Can be used for trailering and/or storing

08~14 FX Nytro 
08~13 FX Nytro R-TX 
09~10 FX Nytro R-TX SE 
09~13 FX Nytro X-TX 
13~14 FX Nytro X-TX 1.75 
08~09 FX Nytro M-TX 
10~14 FX Nytro M-TX SE 153 
10~14 FX Nytro M-TX SE 162

Apex Snowmobile Cover

Apex Snowmobile Cover is made of strong, preshrunk, two-ply army duck canvas that’s been specially finished to resist water and mildew.  Cotton canvas is naturally very soft on the finish of your snowmobile and conforms to your sled like a pair of jeans.  This material also vents moisture better than other material on the market.  An expandable windshield panel will accommodate the taller accessory windshields offered by Yamaha.  If needed, please add Apex undercover protector to protect windshield and shroud area.  Can be used for trailering and/or storing.  

06~15 Apex
11~15 Apex SE
11~15 Apex X-TX
06~10 Apex GT
06~09 Apex R-TX
06~07 Attak
08~10 Apex L-TX
07 Attak GT
08~10 Apex L-TX GT
08~15 RS Vector L-TX
08~11 RS Vector L-TX GT
08~15 RS Vector

08~11 RS Vector GT

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Yamaha Parts Catalogue

Shop online for genuine Yamaha parts from the Yamaha parts catalogue.  Find correct fitting parts by year and model for: 

  • Motorcycles 
  • Dirt Bikes 
  • Scooters 
  • ATVs 
  • Side by Sides 
  • Snowmobiles 
  • Jet Boats
  • Outboards
  • MZ Multi Purpose Engines

Select parts from microfiche catalogue diagrams, add to your shopping cart and see all prices including shipping before purchase. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

27" High Output HALO LED Light Bar

The first and only SxS 27" High Output HALO LED Light Bar provides vehicle illumination, and indication in nearly all riding situations. 
* 10W Cree LEDs, 0.4W LED halos 
* 50,000 hour life span 
* Aluminum extruded housing 
* Custom Yamaha end caps, and front covers 
* Flexible mounting base with lateral mounting capability 
* Vehicle wiring harness with roof grommet 
* Illuminated 3-position switch 
* Low power "Halo Only Mode" 
* Halos can be used as daytime running lights ("optional always on") 
* Offers increased vehicle visibility on the trail and both near and distance illumination 
* Beam configuration: 4 Flood, 8 Spot, 4 Flood 
* Includes mounts 

YXZ1000R alternator Kit is required for installation, sold separately.  Optional YXZ1000R Switch Panel Kit is also available, sold separately.  Drilling of sun top is required for installation.  27" High Output HALO LED Light Bar dimensions: 27.56" x 2.48" x 3.89" 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

YZF-R3 Decal Sticker Kit

Give your YZF-R3 motorcycle a new look with an exclusive YZF-R3 Decal Sticker kit.
• Durable 6.0 mil adhesive with a bubble-free technology
• Flexible 15 mil over laminate, allows for easy installation
• Complete kit covers the entire unit - tank, rear section, front, side, and lower fairing panels
• Dealer installation recommended

Retro Red Speed block graphics
1. YZF-R3 Red/White/Black Decal Sticker Kit

Retro Yellow Speed block graphics
2. YZF-R3 Yellow/White/Black Decal Sticker Kit

Viking Second Battery Kit

The Viking Second Battery Kit allows for the installation and use of two batteries. Saves the main battery for essential functions, such as starting the vehicle. Works with 12-volt accessories such as winches, lights, stereos and more. If both batteries need charging, the main battery is charged first. Includes unit specific battery mounting bracket, cut-to-length wiring, and stock connectors. Keeps battery level, and allows for easy installation. Second battery is not included.

Fits 2014, 2015 Viking

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Viking Rear View Mirror

Our Viking Rear View Mirror is a large adjustable convex mirror. Allows the driver to see behind the unit. Includes a plastic injected moulded bracket and mirror housing. Will work in conjunction with Viking Windshields and Sun Tops, sold separately.  Size: 3.8" x 10"

Fits:  2014-2015 Viking

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kolpin Rear Trail Box Luggage Rack

The Kolpin® Rear Trail Box Luggage Rack is a heavy-duty 1/2” tubular steel construction threaded at the four ends allow for easy installation on moulded box lids. Designed to be used with Kolpin® Rear Trail Box, sold separately.  Size 26” x 8.5”

Fits:  2016 Kodiak 700

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grizzly 700 2" Hitch Receiver

The Grizzly 700 2" Hitch Receiver is an easy bolt-on that allows you to use a standard ball mount to haul a small trailer or other implement with ease. Do not exceed recommended tongue or towing weight.
* Accepts 2” receiver and standard hitch pin
* Pin not included

Fits: 2016 Grizzly 700

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