Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yamaha Bravo LT 250 Snowmobile Cover and Windshield Cover

Yamaha Bravo Snowmobile Cover keeps your skidoo clean in the off season.  Made of strong, preshrunk, two-ply army duck canvas that?s been specially finished to resist water and mildew. Cotton canvas is naturally very soft on the finish of your snowmobile and conforms to your sled like a pair of jeans. This material also vents moisture better than other material on the market. An expandable windshield panel will accommodate the taller accessory windshields offered by Yamaha. Please add undercover protector to protect windshield and shroud area. Can be used for trailering and/or storing

Yamaha Bravo snowmobile cover

Fits 1988-2011 Bravo

Image result for SMA-UNV93-50-00
The Yamaha Bravo windshield undercover keeps your windshield scratch free.  Adds extra protection to windshield and shroud. Use under a regular snowmobile cover.

Yamaha Bravo windshield undercover 

Fits 1988-2011 Bravo

Sunday, March 22, 2015

FZ-07 LED Turn Signals

Bright, safe and sharp looking FZ-07 LED turn signals are designed specifically for your Yamaha. There are 9 LED's per blinker.  Can be used on front, but will lose running light function. Flashes to European specifications with faster flash.  All mounting hardware is included with brackets, tie-wraps and connectors.  Sold in pairs.  Easy install. 

FZ-07 LED turn signals Black
FZ-07 LED turn signals Chrome
FZ-07 LED turn signals Carbon Fibre

Fits FZ-07

Saturday, March 21, 2015

FZ-07 Soft Side Saddle Bags and Mounts

FZ-07 Soft Sided Saddle Bags are simple, functional and sturdy-looking, super handy when you require extra luggage capacity. Requires Soft Side Bag Mounts, for a solid fitment and quick and easy installation/removal. Flips over the passenger's seat and attaches to the mounts thanks to its innovative design. Bags attach firmly to each other thanks to strong Velcro® closure strips. Extra side pocket for small items such as your wallet and mobile phone. Includes hand carry grip and rain cover.

Volume: 14L - expandable to 21L - per bag.

FZ-07 Soft Sided Saddle Bags

Friday, March 20, 2015

YZF-R3 Sport Windscreen

Add a YZF-R3 Sport Windscreen stylish short smoked screen for increased wind protection. Treated with an extra coating to provide durable, long lasting protection against scratches.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

YZF-R3 Seat Cowl

The YZF-R3 Seat Cowl is an injection-moulded painted ABS cover to replace the passenger seat. Transforms your bike into a single-seater for a sportier look. Easy installation, specifically designed to fit the YZFR3.

YZF-R3 Seat Cowl Red
YZF-R3 Seat Cowl Blue
YZF-R3 Seat Cowl Black

Monday, March 16, 2015


11H-12438-10-00 SEAL MECHANICAL is item 10 in this image and is used on Yamaha motorcycle water pumps and Yamaha ATV Grizzly water pump assys.  This image shows a 2007 FZ1 motorcycle water pump with the Mechanical Seal.

Find all Yamaha parts by year and model, add to a shopping cart and see all prices including shipping before purchase.

Add your own Yamaha partnumbers like 11H-12438-10-00 to a shopping cart to purchase online.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yamaha MZ engine parts Mz125, Mz175, Mz250, Mz300, Mz360

MZ Multi-Purpose EngineShop online, MZ engine parts are now added to our Yamaha genuine parts microfiche pages.  Yamaha Genuine Parts for MZ Multi-Purpose Industrial Engines MZ125, MZ175, MZ250, MZ300, MZ360 are laid out by page for each engine section as below.

  AIR SHROUD STARTER includes Starter Assy
  CAMSHAFT VALVE includes Cam shaft assy
  CYLINDER - includes cylinder head and gasket
  STARTING MOTOR - includes starting motor and switch
  TCI MAGNETO - TCI unit assy and rotor

We sell Yamaha Motor Japan MZ engine parts.   Buy the Genuine Yamaha MZ carburetor, fuel cock assy, air cleaner, oil filter, spark plugs, fuel tank, choke lever, throttle lever, TCI ignition, pull starter, muffler, PTO shaft, engine stop switch, to name a few parts.

MZ series engines:
MZ125 / R - 4 HP
MZ175 / R - 5.5 HP
MZ250 / R - 8.5 HP
MZ300 / R - 10 HP

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

AMPZ Multi-Function Power Supply Jump Starter iPad charger

The AMPZ Multi-Function Power Supply Jump Starter is a super small, portable, lightweight and yet powerful enough to start just about any vehicle with a 12V requirement. Cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, watercrafts and more! Packs enough punch for multiple cranks, giving your vehicles plenty of juice for many start ups, even in extreme cold conditions. Versatile multi-ports and options for powering and/or charging everyday portable electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PSPs, etc. for example iPad, iPhone. Three different voltage outputs (19V for laptops, 12V standard, and 5V for USB). Features a high capacity Nano Lithium Polymer battery pack; fast charging with low self-discharge cycles; long life - can be charged and discharged over 1,000 times; built in protection against over-charging and over-discharging; automatic shut down when not in use. Includes: convenient carrying case, AMPZ, jumper cables, assorted charging tips - fits most electronic devices, USB and laptop connector, wall charger, car charger, and user manual. 6" x 2-7/8" x 1"; 420g.

Monday, January 19, 2015

RS Venture Extra Tall Windshield

Made of a high-quality polycarbonate, this sleek aerodynamic RS Venture Extra Tall Windshield looks sharp and stays flexible in extreme cold weather. 17.5" tall.

RS Venture Extra Tall Windshield 17.5"

RS Venture Extra Extra Tall Windshield 18.5"  (Incompatible with Custom Touring Kit)

RS Venture Extra Extra Tall Wide Windshield 18.75" x 34"  (Incompatible with Custom Touring Kit)

2005~2015 RS Venture,
2005~2008 RS Venture TF
2007~2008 RS Venture GT

Thursday, January 15, 2015

VK Professional Exhaust Modification

VK Professional with yamaha genuine exhaust modification kit
The VK Professional Exhaust Modification kit allows you to redirect the stock exhaust from venting on the track to venting out the side as shown in the photo.  Reduces ice build up under tunnel.  Installation instructions included.

Fits 2006-2013 RS VK Professional

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

YS828 Auger Cable

YS828 auger cables are available for YS828T and YS828W snowblower models.  The auger cable is #2 in the picture.

YS828T Auger Cable (tracks model)

YS828W Auger Cable (wheels model)

The YS828T snowblower model has tracks.
The YS828W snowblower model has wheels.  Order the correct cable depending on your yamaha snowblower.

Visit all our YS828 posts for scraper blades, friction wheels, skids, fuel cock assy and belts.  Shop online for YS828 snowblower parts.  Visit our Power Products page for common in-stock snowblower parts available:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Generator Remote Start Kit

Generator Remote Start Kit includes a 32 ft long cable. Conveniently start you generator from another location with this easy remote switch.  Easy install.  Includes instructions.  Compatible with generator models EF5200DE, EF6200PDEX, EF6600DE.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

XT250 Rear Luggage Rack

Buy our XT250 rear luggage rack for the Yamaha XT250 Dual Purpose bike. This beefy rear luggage rack is made of steel construction and powder coated for added durability. The install is a simple, 4 bolts and you are done. With a rated 5kg capacity, this means you can strap most items on securely using the steel loops and pins that are designed as part of the rack.  Rack also acts as a passenger assist grip.

Just add your gear and you are ready for the road.

Fits:  2008~2015 XT250

Friday, December 5, 2014

SRViper Rear Rack - Tunnel Rack

The SRViper Rear Rack or tunnel rack allows you to easily add snowmobile gear or luggage on your snowmobile and secure with bungee cords or straps (not included). The SRViper Rear Rack is easily installed on the Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit.  A Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit is required if you want to add the rear rack.

The Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit includes all necessary hardware and install instructions.

Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit SRViper DX 
Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit SRViper R-TX
Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit SRViper L-TX 
Rear Grab Bar & Hitch Kit SRViper X-TX

Fits Trail / Cross Country 2015 SRViper models including: 
SRViper DX
SRViper R-TX
SRViper L-TX
SRViper X-TX

Monday, December 1, 2014

BRP Ski-Doo DuPont Slide

The 49.2" BRP DuPont™ Slide is now available and offers noticeable performance improvements in top speed and fuel economy through friction reduction in limited snow conditions. DuPont™ Slides have also proven the ability to dramatically increase wear resistance over normal UHMW products.

Yamaha now offers DuPont slides with Vespel inserts to other snowmobile brands such as BRP, limited to select Ski-Doo short track models. Shop online at

BRP DuPont™ Slide BRP Models 49.2” T-Cut and Short Track (sold separately)

2005 - 2015 BRP MXZ (REV)
2006 - 2014 BRP GSX
also fits older BRP snowmobiles that share the same T-Cut and short track lengths.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tuner Dual-Runner Ski SRViper

The SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski greatly contributes to the SRViper's trail character. The deep (26mm depth) keel design is specifically developed to work with the SRViper models to keep the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, virtually eliminating nosiness and darting. With two keels that are 5mm deeper than the original standard Tuner Dual-Runner skis and a choice of runners (are sold separately), riders can tune handling to their preference, resulting in excellent comfort and control. Sold individually.

2014 SRViper models require a Deep Keel Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Mount Kit for installation, sold separately.

SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Black
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Blue
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Orange
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Red
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski White

2015 SRViper
2014 SRViper with Deep Keel Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Mount Kit

Monday, August 25, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

2013 FJR1300 Right Cowling Inner Panel Modification

FJR1300 Right Cowling Inner Panel fits 2013-2014 FJR1300 Models.

As of 2014 model year production, the right side cowling inner panel (Panel, Inner 4) was changed to allow improved access to the electrical components which are located beneath the panel. Removing the center meter panel is no longer required. This was accomplished by changes to the panel mounting tabs.

This new right inner panel can be fitted to 2013
FJR1300s, includes install instructions.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yamaha V-Star 650 Hard Saddlebag Luggage

2014 V-Star 650 Custom
V Star 650 Hard Saddlebags are colour matched to your V Star 650 Custom and Silverado motorcycle.  Enjoy spacious compartments to securely stow away your goods and keep them locked and out of the elements.  Each saddlebag has over 1,800 square inches of capacity providing plenty of space to store jackets, half helmets and CD changer. A polished base coat and clear coat provide a quality finish. Features durable Cycra ABS plastic, quality injection-moulded fit-and-finish. Features billet machined Hardstreet emblems.  Secure, key lockable, and weather-resistant. Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 22" x 12".  Includes both left and right side saddlebags.  Hardware and optional reflectors included.  Rear turn signals are moved off the rear fender and added to the license plate holder to make room for the bags.

V Star 650 Hard Saddlebags Red (DRMK)

V Star 650 Hard Saddlebags Black (SMX)

V Star 650 Hard Saddlebags White (BWC1)

V Star 650 Hard Saddlebags Blue (DPBML)

Fits 1998-2014 V Star 650 Custom and Silverado

Monday, June 23, 2014

V-Star 650 Rider Floorboards

V-Star 650 Rider Floorboards are beautifully chrome-plated floorboards with durable rubber pad replaces your stock footpegs for classic cruiser appearance and comfort. Detailed with Star logo.

1998~2014 V-Star 650 Custom
1998~2001 V-Star 650 Classic/Silverado
2014 V-Star 650 Custom, rider floorboards