Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tuner Dual-Runner Ski SRViper

The SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski is lightweight, yet strong perfect for everyday riding, and tunable for the rider's preference and style.
* 26mm deep keel design keeps the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, virtually eliminating nosiness and darting
* Two keels that are 5mm deeper than the original standard Tuner Dual-Runner skis
* Choice of runners (sold separately), allow riders the ability to tune handling to their preference
* Excellent comfort, and control
* Sold individually
* Runners are required for installation, sold separately

SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Black
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Blue
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Orange
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Red

The Deep Keel Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Mount Kit is required to install  the Deep Keel Tuner Dual-Runner Ski  onto a 2014 SRViper model or 2015 SRViper M-TX model. Kit includes: Ski Rubbers (2), Collars (2), and Cotter Pins (2).  Sold in pairs

The SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Fits:
2016 SRViper M-TX SE 141, 
2015~16 SRViper M-TX 153, 
2015~16 SRViper M-TX SE 153, 
2016 SRViper M-TX LE 153, 
2016 SRViper M-TX 162, 
2015~16 SRViper M-TX SE 162, 
2015~16 SRViper M-TX LE 162
2014 SRViper DX, 
2015~16 SRViper R-TX DX, 
2014~15 SRViper R-TX SE, 
2015 SRViper R-TX LE 1.25, 
2015 SRViper R-TX LE 1.70, 
2014~16 SRViper L-TX DX, 
2014~15 SRViper L-TX SE, 
2015 SRViper L-TX LE 1.25, 
2015 SRViper L-TX LE 1.75, 
2014~15 SRViper X-TX SE 141, 
2015 SRViper S-TX DX 141, 
2016 SRViper S-TX DX 137, 
2016 SRViper S-TX DX 146, 
2015 SRViper X-TX LE 141

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