Tuesday, April 21, 2015

YZF-R1 Yoshimura Slip-on Muffler Exhaust

The Yoshimura Y-Series YZF-R1 Yoshimura Exhaust developed exclusively on Yamaha’s YZFR1M and YZF-R1 offers track-tested performance, thanks to its lineage in racing, while also being emissions-compliant*. It
features a trapezoidal design, which allows for a large volume of packing material, with a straight baffle that delivers Yoshimura YSeries
performance. The R1M/R1's muffler front cap features MIG-welded spring hooks, while the carbon fibre end cap is riveted to the carbon fibre sleeve using stainless steel rivets and
end bands.
• Exclusive R1 badge
• Trapezoidal-shaped carbon fibre sleeve
• Innovative carbon fibre dual-exit end cap
• Stainless steel tailpipe
• Straight baffle for large volume of packing material
• Superbike-inspired technology and styling
• Exclusive Y-Series packaging

*All claims to emissions compliance are made and supported by Yoshimura R&D testing and documentation

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