Sunday, April 19, 2015

FJ-09 Soft Side Bags and Mounts

FJ-09 Soft Sided Saddle Bags are simple, functional and sturdy-looking, super handy when you require extra luggage capacity. Requires FJ-09 Soft Side Bag Mounts, for a solid fitment and quick and easy installation and removal. Flips over the passenger's seat and attaches to the mounts thanks to its innovative design. Bags attach firmly to each other thanks to strong Velcro® closure strips. Extra side pocket for small items such as your wallet and mobile phone. Includes hand carry grip and rain cover.

Volume: 14L - expandable to 21L - per bag.

FJ-09 Soft Side Bag Mounts or Stays are required to hold the FJ-09 Soft Side Bags which are sold separately. Can easily be mounted and the tubes are removable thanks to its smartly designed quick-lock system. Easy to install to the passenger footrest stays' fixation points.

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