Saturday, March 10, 2018

MT-09 SHAD® Comfort Seat

Ride in style, and comfort with this SHAD® Comfort Seat designed exclusively for your bike. Designed to increase comfort for riders and passengers on short or long trips, both in the city and on the road for medium or long periods of time. Nothing is taken from the original seat; the base, foam and cover are part of a completely new seat.

Ameliorates ergonomics, and comfort with an increase rider, and passenger contact surface area
Pressure relief tunnel, that ensures a better redistribution, and reduces critical pressure points eliminating the hotspots that can cause discomfort, and fatigue
Highly improved seat base
High-density 3D mesh Bielastic foam technology
100% waterproof thermo-sealed seams
No loss of shape or deformation
Absorbs vibrations

2018 MT-09
2014-2017 FZ-09

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