Wednesday, November 11, 2015

27" High Output HALO LED Light Bar

The first and only SxS 27" High Output HALO LED Light Bar provides vehicle illumination, and indication in nearly all riding situations. 
* 10W Cree LEDs, 0.4W LED halos 
* 50,000 hour life span 
* Aluminum extruded housing 
* Custom Yamaha end caps, and front covers 
* Flexible mounting base with lateral mounting capability 
* Vehicle wiring harness with roof grommet 
* Illuminated 3-position switch 
* Low power "Halo Only Mode" 
* Halos can be used as daytime running lights ("optional always on") 
* Offers increased vehicle visibility on the trail and both near and distance illumination 
* Beam configuration: 4 Flood, 8 Spot, 4 Flood 
* Includes mounts 

YXZ1000R alternator Kit is required for installation, sold separately.  Optional YXZ1000R Switch Panel Kit is also available, sold separately.  Drilling of sun top is required for installation.  27" High Output HALO LED Light Bar dimensions: 27.56" x 2.48" x 3.89" 

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