Monday, August 24, 2015

Polaris DuPont Slide

The 49.2" Polaris DuPont™ Slide is now available and offers noticeable performance improvements in top speed and fuel economy through friction reduction in limited snow conditions. DuPont Slides have also proven the ability to dramatically increase wear resistance over normal UHMW products.

Yamaha now offers DuPont slides with Vespel inserts for other snowmobile brands such as Polaris, limited to select short track models. Shop online at

Polaris DuPont Slide for Polaris Models with 49.2” T-Cut and Short Track (sold separately).  All Polaris DuPont Slides are 144" long and can be cut to 121" to fit.

2005 - 2016 Polaris RUSH
Polaris 550 INDY
Polaris 600 INDY

also fits older Polaris snowmobiles that share the same T-Cut and short track lengths.

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