Monday, December 1, 2014

BRP Ski-Doo DuPont Slide

The 49.2" BRP DuPont™ Slide is now available and offers noticeable performance improvements in top speed and fuel economy through friction reduction in limited snow conditions. DuPont™ Slides have also proven the ability to dramatically increase wear resistance over normal UHMW products.

Yamaha now offers DuPont slides with Vespel inserts for Bombardier BRP, limited to select Ski-Doo short track models. Shop online at

BRP DuPont™ Slide BRP Models 49.2” T-Cut and Short Track (sold separately)

2005 - 2015 BRP MX Z-REV
2006 - 2014 BRP GSX
also fits older BRP snowmobiles that share the same T-Cut and short track lengths.

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