Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tuner Dual-Runner Ski SRViper

The SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski greatly contributes to the SRViper's trail character. The deep (26mm depth) keel design is specifically developed to work with the SRViper models to keep the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, virtually eliminating nosiness and darting. With two keels that are 5mm deeper than the original standard Tuner Dual-Runner skis and a choice of runners (are sold separately), riders can tune handling to their preference, resulting in excellent comfort and control. Sold individually.

2014 SRViper models require a Deep Keel Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Mount Kit for installation, sold separately.

SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Black
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Blue
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Orange
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Red
SRViper Tuner Dual-Runner Ski White

2015 SRViper
2014 SRViper with Deep Keel Tuner Dual-Runner Ski Mount Kit

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