Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yamaha Snowmobile DC Outlet Plug Adapter

DC Outlet Plug Adapter Kit for Yamaha snowmobiles provides a convenient place to plug in your electric heated face shield and other electric accessories.  Easy install, includes instructions.

2009~2014 FX Nytro,
2009~2013 FX Nytro R-TX,
2009~2010 FX Nytro R-TX SE,
2009~2013 FX Nytro X-TX,
2013~2014 FX Nytro X-TX 1.75,
2007 Phazer FX,
2008~2014 Phazer R-TX,
2007~2013 Phazer GT,
2014 Phazer X-TX,
2007 Phazer Mountain Lite,
2008~2014 Phazer M-TX,
2006~2007 Nytro,
2005~2007 RS Rage,
2008 RS Vector L-TX,
2005~2008 RS Vector,
2005~2006 RS Vector Mountain,
2006~2007 RS Vector Mountain SE

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