Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rhino Two-piece Tilt Windshield

The Rhino Two-piece Tilt Windshield allows for increased airflow while providing a wind break by simply swiveling the top section out. For full ventilation the top section can be completely removed with no need for tools. Features extra-thick 6mm abrasive resistant polycarbonate shield for ultimate durability and Integrated mounting brackets for a finished look.

2008~2013 Rhino 700 FI,
2008~2009 Rhino 700 FI SP,
2009~2012 Rhino 700 FI SP Deluxe,
2008~2013 Rhino 700 FI SE,
2008~2009 Rhino 700 FI SE Deluxe,
2004~2007 Rhino 660,
2006~2007 Rhino 660 SE,
2007 Rhino 660 SP, 2006~2009 Rhino 450,
2007~2008 Rhino 450 SE

windshield on a 2013 Yamaha Rhino

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