Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to find parts my Yamaha outboard engine?

It is very important to select the correct catalog for your outboard , check with a Yamaha marine dealer. If your outboard is a 2005 model year or older, that is before 2005, provide the year and choose the model that matches your specific model number for your outboard.

If your engine was manufactured 04/2005 or newer, you need product line, Primary Identification number (PID #), and the model. When choosing your engine catalog, select the PID # that is closest without going over. 
As an example; you have PID #6P2X-1002000 and on the list there is 6P2X-1001500 and 6P2X-1002500, the correct selection would be 6P2X-1001500.  Below is an example of a primary identification sticker. 
The first row is the model number (a).
The second row is the PID # (b,c,d).

Better yet search by VIN# or Vehicle Identification Number direct on the Yamaha Motor Company business to consumers site:  Yamaha Motor Company outboard parts catalogue

Copy/paste hyphenated partnumbers direct to our YamahaGenuineParts outboard shopping cart to see all prices including shipping before purchase.

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