Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowmobile Combination Sport Luggage

Yamaha Snowmobile Combination Sport Luggage is designed for the sports-minded rider to offer the added convenience of extra storage for extended rides. Made of high-strength ballistic nylon to provide a snug fit and excellent durability. Three separate compartments help keep belongings organized.

Fits Yamaha Trail and cross country snowmobiles:  11~12 Apex XTX, 06~10 Apex GT, 06~09 Apex RTX, 06~07 Attak, 08~10 Apex LTX, 07 Attak GT, 08~10 Apex LTX GT, 06~07 Nytro, 05~07 RS Rage, 08~12 RS Vector LTX, 07 RS Rage GT, 08~11 RS Vector LTX GT, 05~12 RS Vector, 06~11 RS Vector GT

Fits Yamaha Mountain snowmobiles:  08~09 FX Nytro MTX, 10~12 FX Nytro MTX SE 153, 10~12 FX Nytro MTX SE 162, 07 Phazer Mountain Lite, 08~12 Phazer MTX, 06~07 Apex Mountain, 08~09 Apex MTX, 07 Apex Mountain SE, 08 Apex MTX SE, 05~06 RS Vector Mountain, 06~07 RS Vector Mountain SE

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