Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tuner Dual Runner Ski

Tuner Dual-Runner Ski
Lightweight and strong with a gloss finish. Features 2 keels and 2 runners. Slightly angled to help with snow evacuation and inhibit trail debris from getting lodged between keels. Fully customizable runner sizes (sold separately) and positions for individual handling preferences and inserts for a flush fit. Excellent darting characteristics for predictable handling, minimal and controllable ski lift, light steering effort, great straight-line stability, outstanding bump course handling, and tunable for the rider's preference and style. Specifications: 150mm wide, 20mm wide at base, 1.05m long, 21mm keel depth, 38mm channel between keels. Sold individually.  Customize your ride by combining the Tuner Dual-Runner Ski with 0, 2", 4" or 6" carbides.  Longer carbides provide more control.  Requires two Runner Sets, one set for each ski for complete installation.  

Runner Set with no carbides
Runner Set with 2" carbides
Runner Set with 4" carbides
Runner Set with 6" carbides

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