Thursday, December 15, 2011

TRIC Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

Buy Yamaha TRIC Snowmobile ice scratchers to cool your engine and lubricate your sliders.  New and improved with:
  • Hi-impact plastic tube "damper" cable cover
  • Updated crimp on the Babbitt for more radius
  • standard hole size accepts common studs for easy maintenance.
Innovative Scratcher Kit provides additional snow spray in hard-packed icy conditions.  Helps to reduce rear suspension hyfax slider wear and engine overheating. Creates a steady stream of ice crystals to lubricate the rear skid-frame and cool the heat exchangers on liquid-cooled machines. Features stainless steel cables which allow the operation of the reverse gear when the scratcher is engaged. Uses common 1/4" threaded replaceable carbide stud (included). Also includes stainless steel hardware with universal mounting brackets which allow for an infinite range of cable angles to facilitate mounting on various locations and models. Recommended to be used in icy conditions and speeds up to 80 k/hr. Sold as a pair, one for the left side and one for the right side.  We recommend the cable be taken out of play when not required (simply loosen the bolt and raise them up off the snow).
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New generation ice scratchers are in stock.

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