Wednesday, July 20, 2011

V-Star 650 Passenger Backrest

Add a passenger backrest and pad to your VStar 650.  Shown here is a 2009 V-Star 650 Silverado with a short passenger backrest upright or sissy bar and studded cushioned passenger pad.  Passenger Backrest Side Arms are required to attach the upright passenger backrest to the bike.  A taller upright is also available.  A rear luggage rack can be added to the passenger backrest.

Passenger Backrest Side Arms V-Star 650 Classic
Passenger Backrest Side Arms V-Star 650 Custom
upright short
upright tall
backrest pad studded
backrest pad plain
V-Star 650 Rear Luggage rack

1998 - 2014 V-Star 650 Classic/Silverado
1998 - 2014 V-Star 650 Classic
1998 - 2014 V-Star 650 Custom
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