Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Motorcycle Rider Floorboards

Motorcycle Rider Motorcycle Floorboards have a moulded rubber cushion and ribs pressed through a chrome plated floorboard with the Yamaha Star logo. These floorboards coordinate with other Star accessories. Replace your stock rubber rider floorboards with these chrome and rubber ribbed floorboards.  Sold in pairs for left and right sides.

1999~2011 Road Star/Silverado
1999~2011 Royal Star Venture
1996~2001 Royal Star
1996~1999 Royal Star Tour Classic
1997~2009 Royal Star Tour Deluxe
2000~2011 V~Star 1100 Classic/Silverado
2007~2011 V-Star 1300/Tourer
2009~2011 V-Star 950/Tourer

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