Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Ténéré Luggage, Lights, Protection

The new XT1200Z Super Ténéré accessories help take you beyond boundaries... Beyond the familiar roads

The robust Top Case combined with the First Edition side cases gives you more than enough luggage space to travel around the world.  The Super Ténéré Tank Bag and handy inner bags for the side and top cases.

Anodized aluminum case features water resistant 32 litre capacity (per side), reinforced nylon frame, and a one key operation system (locks included). Not recommended to be used in conjunction with Top Case (sold separately) due to increased risk of overloading the motorcycle.

Left Side Case
Right Side Case
Side Case Mounts to attach left and right side cases.

From Fog Lamps to cool new LED Blinkers
from Skid Plates to Ténéré Tank Pads, you will find them all here.

Tank Pads:

Super Ténéré Tank Pad
The tank pad protects your tank from scrapes and scratches.  Complete with head wrapped figure based on the look of the people from the desert.  The Super Ténéré logo based on the Paris to Dakar Rally and includes sand dunes landscape.

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