Saturday, October 30, 2010

V-Star 1100 Passenger Floorboards

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom and V-Star 1100 Classic/Silverado passenger floorboards are available to provide a large flat surface to rest the whole foot making a more comfortable ride. Two styles of passenger floorboards are available for your bike. Note that mounts are needed to install the floorboards on the bike.

Passenger Floorboards - Cast aluminum floorboards with rubber inserts designed to coordinate with the stock rider floorboards. Fold up when not in use.

Passenger Floorboard Mounts

1998~2011 V-Star 650 Custom,
1998~2011 V-Star 650 Classic/Silverado,
1999~2011 V-Star 1100 Custom,
2000~2011 V-Star 1100 Classic/Silverado

Billet Passenger Floorboards - passenger floorboards now incorporate a moulded rubber cushion and ribs. Fold up when not in use displaying Yamaha Star logo.

Billet Passenger Floorboard Mounts -Required for V-Star 1100. These mounts are specific to the V-Star 1100 motorcycle.

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