Friday, June 18, 2010

V Star 650 Engine Guards for footrests

We recently installed footpegs on a 2008 V Star 650.  As you see the bike is still on the mechanic's bench.  This was nicely done by using the small V-Star 650 engine guards as a base for footpegs.  Engine guards are ideal for attaching V-Star 650 foot pegsKuryakyn foot pegs are attached in this picture. 
Installation is easy.  Position the footpegs where most comfortable on the engine guard.  Some like the pegs high, others low.  Once you have the sweet spot, tighten the clamps and you are ready to ride.  Pegs fold up when not in use.

V-Star 650 engine guards
V-Star 650 Kuryakyn foot pegs

1998~2010 V-Star 650 Custom and Classic/Silverado

2008 V-Star 650 Custom accessories
2008 V-Star 650 Classic/Silverado accessories

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