Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stratoliner Quick Release Passenger Backrest


This 2006 Stratoliner has a tall removeable upright backrest.  The upright is part of a 3-piece quick release system providing an easy on-easy off solution for passenger comfort.  The 3 pieces are the upright or sissy bar and two side arms.  The upright is secured with a lock on the left side. Both side arms have release levers at the tail end.  To remove, unlock the upright and press the levers at the tail end of the side arms for a backrest free bike.  Add a backrest pad of your choice and you have a complete setup. 


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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty sweet KTM in the background!

Yamaha Parts and Accessories said...

We just pulled the Stratoliner out back to take this picture.
You're right that is a KTM 625. At the top of that row is a Yamaha TTR230, Triumph TT...600 possibly, KTM 625 SMC, 2008 Yamaha R6 and Honda CBR900.