Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FX/Nytro Tall Windshield and side deflectors

Just installed today a 14" tall blue/white windshield with clear side windshield deflectors The windshield + deflectors combo maximizes wind protection.
Also added a block coolant heater for quick starts on on those cold mornings. The block heater plug is located by the rider's right foot on this 2010 FX/Nytro XTX. A block heater is a great addition that fits all Yamaha 4 stroke snowmobiles. In fact this block coolant heater is a universal fit for any 4 stroke liquid cooled snowmobile. Comes with installation instructions.
See and buy FX Nytro accessories for windshields, deflectors and coolant heaters that fit your Yamaha snowmobile.

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