Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roadstar Passenger Backrest

Add a passenger backrest to your Roadstar cruiser for comfort and style. Yamaha passenger backrests are a three piece mix and match system made up of side arms, the upright and a pad. There's lots of flexibility, get exactly what you need for the perfect backrest. The following accessories fit 1999-2009 Roadstar and Roadstar/Silverado.

1) Backrest side arms mount to the rear fender and provide a base to attach the upright sissy bar. Side arms allow for a permanent or quick release upright. Deluxe side arms mean your upright is always attached. Quick release side arms allow for a conveniently removable easy on, easy off upright.
Our studded 2001 Roadstar picture includes deluxe side arms, a deluxe tall upright and a custom leather studded backrest pad.

2) The backrest upright or sissy bar is the chrome bar itself, it comes in low or tall. A low deluxe upright or a low quick release upright sits snug at seat level. A deluxe tall upright or tall quick release upright provides mid-back support.

3) Backrest pads mount on the upright and come in 3 styles deluxe vinyl, custom leather or custom leather with studs.
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