Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ski Skins

It's all about flotation! Add ski skins to increase the area of your ski and ride on top of the snow when you go off trail in into the bush. The combination of wider skis, snow and speed increase your ability to ride on top of the snow.


2008 FX Nytro RTX
2008-10 Apex LTX, Apex LTX GT
2008-09 RS Vector LTX, RS Vector LTX GT
2006-09 Apex, Apex GT, Apex RTX
2006-07 Attak, Attak GT
2006-07 Nytro
2006-07 RS Rage

2008-10 FX Nytro
2009-10 FX Nytro RTX, FX Nytro RTX SE, FX Nytro XTX
2008-10 Phazer RTX
2007 Phazer FX

2007-15 Venture Multi-Purpose
2006-12 VK Professional

11" ski skins
2007~09 Venture Multi-Purpose
2006~09 VK Professional

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