Monday, October 20, 2008

Yamaha TMAX Passenger Backrest and Rear Luggage Rack

Seat Cover

Convenient to keep your seat clean and dry and your clothing clean should you park below trees. Fits nice and snug this cover is printed with the Yamaha tuning fork logo.

TMAX DC Outlet

This 12 volt plug is sooo convenient. A place to plug in your electric accessories when on the road such as cell phone or GPS unit. Installs to the wiring harness inside the right hand glove box below the right grip. Installation instructions included.

TMAX Rear Luggage Rack

This rear luggage rack is both a rear rack and a mount for the hard top case if you decide to get it. The rear rack is substantial on it's own and can be used just as a rack. It is conservatively rated at 5kg.

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