Friday, August 1, 2008

Yamaha TMAX Top Case and Mount

Go touring with your T-Max. The T-MAX lockable Top Case holds a whopping 46 litres worth of gear. These top cases are built strong and provide a durable water tight seal against the elements. They also provide the necessary security you need when you park. A single key locks the top case and is also used to release the top case from the mount. The rear box can be quickly removed leaving just the rear rack to conveniently tie down a bag. T-Max top cases come complete with reflectors for safety to help keep you highly visible at night and in the rain. Colour matched to your scooter the topcase comes in TMAX black, blue or yellow.

TMAX Top Case Innerbag

This custom TMAX innerbag fits inside the lockable top case luggage exactly and has a shoulder strap so you can grab it and go. The bag has a Yamaha tuning fork logo and features a zipped pocket. Perfect for overnight trips.

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