Friday, March 7, 2008

GYTR™ High Flow Air Filter

Uncork your airbox and let your Raptor Breathe with a GYTR high flow filter - a must if you have changed to a free flow exhaust system. This high-flow, oiled gauze filter offers a unique 'D'-shaped design for maximum airflow and superior engine protection. Reusable. Must use Billet Air Filter Adaptor Plate (GYT-1S395-10-00), sold separately. Service your filter with Genuine Yamaha Gauze Filter Cleaner and Filter Oil.
GYTR stands for Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing. Yamaha has developed GYTR accessories especially for racing and performance enthusiasts. A long history of engineering advances, knowledge earned in the pursuit of racetrack victories, and a reputation for quality workmanship have given Yamaha the technological advantage to produce GYTR accessories. So go ahead - uncork your airbox.
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