Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snowmobile Pre-Season Checklist

Well, it's that time again!
It's time to pull out that sled and start preparing it for a winter beating. Some sledder's take for granted the abuse a sled experiences throughout a winter. These are the ones who usually are stranded on the trail, being towed to the trailhead, or are down for a while repairing. Our precious winter months are short indeed, which makes it even more imperative for proper season prep.
There are four major areas to check to ensure proper sled prep. Each area has its own unique characteristics and problem points. Every sled is different, which is why we can only cover the general areas.
The work that was put into your sled at the close of last season greatly determines your work load now.

  1. FUEL SYSTEM - Clean everything thoroughly. Mice have an abnormal attraction to sled airboxes, check out the airbox.
  2. DRIVE TRAIN - Replace any component that shows visible signs of wear and/or damage.
  3. SUSPENSION - Check to see if your shocks are leaking, grease all zerks.
  4. ENGINE - Your engine compression should be somewhere between 110-160 PSI.

For all the details, visit our Kelly's Cycle Centre PreSeason Checklist.

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