Friday, June 9, 2017

Yamaha WaveRunner Oil Change Kit in a Box

WaveRunner Oil Change Kits give your legendary Yamaha the protection it deserves, it's a snap. No need to look-up models or part numbers, just grab it and go. * Model-specific * Includes everything you need; oil, oil filter and the required gaskets.

More WaveRunner Oil Change Kits

Fits: 07~14 VX Cruiser,
05~15 VX Deluxe,
05~15 VX/VX Sport,
15 V1 Sport,
04~06 FX Cruiser,
04~08 FX HO,
04~08 FX Cruiser HO,
08 FX SHO,
08 FX Cruiser HO,
08~15 AR210,
08~15 SX210,
08~11 212SS,
08~11 212X,
06~09 AR230,
06~09 SX230,
08~09 232 Limited,
09 232 Limited S
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