Saturday, April 4, 2009

VMAX Saddlebags Luggage and Passenger Backrest

The VMAX side saddlebags are hard bags with a soft covering that matches the seat. Bags bolt directly to the sides of the bike for a fully integrated look. Formed aluminum accents on the outside of the case compliment the muscular beauty of this bike and coordinate with other VMAX components. The bags offer over 1050 cubic inches of storage capacity. Two options for installing the bags:

Option 1:  VMAX Saddlebag Mounts.

Option 2: attach to the short passenger backrest. If you take a passenger consider installing the backrest. The saddlebags mount directly to the backrest side arms.

The VMAX Short Passenger backrest is a key accessory, made from a die-cast chrome this support bar is designed to integrate into the strong lines of the VMAX. It includes side arms, an upright support and pad. Having this backrest installed allows you the option of attaching both the VMAX Hard Saddlebags and the VMAX Rear Luggage Rack.

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