Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yamaha BW 125 Rear Luggage Rack and Windshield

Cute as a button for our latest scooter the 2009 BW 125, also known as the Zuma we have a rear rack carrier .

This rear luggage rack is designed with curved loops to secure tie downs and means you can now take along small cargo items and stop wearing that backpack. The BW 125 can transport a rider and passenger and now you can strap on your bag for a safer and more carefree ride. Enjoy!

Another great convenience for the scooter rider is the BW 125 windshield . A windshield gives added protection to the rider as well as the instrument panel. The Yamaha BW 125 windscreen is nice and tall providing maximum protection. Keeps the bugs off your clothes so you arrive looking clean, composed and of course cool!

To search for your BW Zuma parts such as brake pads, footrests, reflectors, flaps and so on view parts browse our Yamaha microfiche pages.
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