Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yamaha XT250 Square Rear Rack & Side Guard Supports

The new XT250 Rear Luggage Rack does double duty. First it provides a
generous platform for a carry bag. Second it provides a mounting
platform to attach side guard supports which are needed to attach additional side bags luggage.

The second image shows both the Rear Rack with XT250 Saddlebag Support Bars installed. Side guard supports can be mounted on either side of the bike attached to the rear rack. These guards keep your sidebag luggage from resting against a hot exhaust pipe.  Saddlebag Support Bars are no longer available.

To search for your XT250 parts such as tail lights, fenders, seat, etc. and view microfiche browse our Yamaha parts pages. View all 2009-2015 XT250 accessories.

A photo of the square tube rear rack with side guard supports and bags:
Yamaha XT250 Square Rear Rack & Side Guard Supports with bags

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