Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yamaha WR250R Yamaha WR250X

Popular Yamaha Accessories for the new 2008 WR250R and WR250X motorcycles. Shop online for all our 2009 WR250R/X accessories.

WR250 Rear Rack

Another great add on is this sturdy Rear Rack. This Rear Carrier Rack is essential for longer trips allowing you to carry any number of items such as a knapsack, lunch, your jacket, etc. Not to mention it just plain looks great !

Heavy Duty Race Hand Guards
These hand guards feature an aluminum insert. These heavy duty Yamaha hand guards not only protect your hands, they also protect the clutch and front brake levers, handlebars and throttle tube from damage after a spill. These guards are often found on Enduro and Super Motard machines. All required mounting hardware is included.
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